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MAD DEAL -Thursday

 Dilaz nak promote Mad A Day lagi. Jom tengok mana yang berkenan.

MAD - Deliciously BROWN!

MAD Deal of the Day: RM19 instead of RM39.50 for 35 Sinfully Sweet Homemade Chocolates from Chocolata Paradise.

This is some great pick me ups. Ranting may not make you happier, but chocolate that triggers endorphins would!

Be sure to pop more than two!

MAD - Tint those rays away!

MAD Deal of the Day: RM245 instead of RM980 for Standard Saloon Car Tinting with 2mil High Performance Solar UV Film + 7 years warranty & JPJ Compliant + Complimentary Golf Umbrella or Touch 'n Go Card for first 50 Purchasers for each location from Solar Tint, 5 locations.

It is unavoidable, the sun. Instead of having to wear long gloves, just tint your car!

It is way more fashionable that way. ;)

MAD - You have not seen clean, till you Pro Infrared-ray your car!

MAD Deal of the Day: RM72 instead of RM120 for Pro Infrared-ray Car Beauty Wash + Wax + Dry at Pro Car Beauty, 2 Locations, Penang.

Show off your car in style. Don't buy a new one, wash your car. But wash it clean.

You've not seen clean till you've Pro Infrared-ray Car Beauty treatment your car.

MAD - Wipe it crystal clear!

MAD Deal of the Day: RM48 instead of RM88 for a Pair of RAIN-TECH Aerodynamic Silicone Windscreen Wiper Blades + Free Shipping within Malaysia from

Having good visibility when driving is essential and could save lives.

Get rid of your standard rubber wipers and try this silicone ones today!

MAD - Growing your nails out? Paint them!

MAD Deal of the Day: RM49 instead of RM108 for Gel Manicure + 15% OFF on the next service at Jovial Beauty & Nail Spa, The Strand.

Warriors in the 15th century wore body suit armours made of steel as protection.

Forget armour body suits or Xena’s strength of steel by shielding your nails with Gel Manicure.

MAD - Be part of the card collection!

MAD Deal of the Day: RM43 instead of RM150 for 500 Matte Laminated Name Cards with 2-sided Colour Printing from UMT Works, Bandar Sunway.

Name cards are definitely conversation starters. Pop one over and it all begins:

"Oh, so I see you are a Chief Conversation Strategist. What do you do exactly?"

Get yours printed today, and you will always have something to talk about.

MAD - David Archuleta live!

MAD Deal of the Day: LIMITED Discounted Tickets to David Archuleta's 2011 Asia Tour Concert at Stadium Negara on 26 July 2011 from as low as RM60 + David Archuleta's CD from Sony Music.

You've followed him on TV, now it is time to catch him live!

Get a 'crush' on him at his concert in 2 weeks time! Grab this limited discounted tickets and his album and you'll be humming to his tune in no time
 Meh VOTE Qistina...ada lucky draw, KLIK SINI

Jom join Churp Churp sekarang, KLIK SINI

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